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EDITOR’S DESK: A MUST READ Letter To Alhaji Lai Mohammed, Femi Adesina, And Garba Shehu, By Salisu Abdulai

Dear Alhaji Lai Mohammed, Femi Adesina, and Garba Shehu, my name is MR Slam, the Editor-in-Chief, Naijatrending, and I am writing this letter to you as President Muhammadu Buhari’s Spokespersons, and the mouthpieces of Nigerians to the President as well.

I would like to state that I am not a member of any political party, and I am writing this letter to you without any disrespect to you or your offices.

I and many other Nigerians are very glad about the reported improvement in the health of Mr. President, and we also appreciate your efforts to share pictures to prove his improvement to us as well. However, as spokespersons for the President and also mouthpieces of Nigerians to the President, I really wonder if you take your time to get to find out what Nigerians actually want at this time, so you can communicate that with your boss, or try to implement that in the ways you carry out your official duties.

Nigerians have cried for a long time, that they would love their President to address them, even for just a minute or less, but that has gone into deaf ears on several occasions. I would love to inform you that the average Nigerian is now very socially informed and very smart, with deep intelligent reasoning, and as such cannot be easily brainwashed like in the past years. The average Nigerian now would tell you, “If the President is well, why can he not address the nation via any of the technologically available means; there is Facebook live, Instagram live, and other livestream services”. This is why they would not believe anything that is being said by you, despite the foreign visits and photographs littered on the internet. Well, that is on the one hand.

Elsewhere, I can arguably tell you that most Nigerians do not even mind, if the President has to be away to take care of his health. I do not think Nigerians are that wicked of a people to not want a person who they loved so much, and against all odds voted in to power, to be in a good state of health. However, what is making most Nigerians get so frustrated and as a result, are now asking the President to resign, or in the worst case, wishing him dead, is only because the average Nigerian is SUFFERING!!! They say a hungry man is an angry man; what do you expect from a man who has a family, had a good job that was paying him well before this administration, but now has been sacked from his job, and can no longer feed his family, cannot go anywhere to get funds to start his own business, to do? Please, think deeply about this.

Nigerians do not want President Buhari dead, they do not even want him on a sick bed; all they want is an economy that is working and provides the people with opportunities to build their ideas, finance their ideas, encourage entrepreneurship, good health care system, good roads, cheap housing, cheap schools, cheap food, cheap fuel, available electricity, and so on. I am not saying that any nation is perfect, but for Nigerians to be as angry as they are right now, it is only right that you all sit back and be honest with yourselves.

Why can the Acting President, Prof. Yemi Osinbajo, not be granted full Presidential powers to function like he is actually the President? Nigerians believe in the Acting President. I personally believe he has great ideas and is surrounded with a fantastic team of youths, with brilliant ideas that can transform this Nation even before 2019. Why can he not be allowed to function fully and independently? You may want to bring this to the attention of the people above, because Osinbajo can by himself guarantee even Buhari a second term in Aso Rock, notwithstanding if Mr President has not fully recovered by then, but only if he is given the opportunity to function fully as Nigeria’s Acting President, and can implement policies that can ease up the economical and other tensions hitting the Nation at this moment.

Finally, I stated earlier that the average Nigerian is now smart and socially informed. I say that to inform you that the APC government is actually implicating itself more, when they keep throwing out the most ridiculous figures, as funds that have been recovered by the government. By doing this, yes you should indeed get a loud ovation, an endless one at that, but when you do this continuously and the economy is getting worse, and the same government is going out to borrow funds from other nations, then a reasonable man has to stop and ask themselves, if this is just a silly game or a bloody propaganda, or as some intelligent Nigerians would now say, ‘A Distraction’.

I do not believe the APC came into power to play, you are a group of people that saw the state of the nation and decided to step in to do better; making very achievable promises to Nigerians, with the world watching. If not for any other reason, because of integrity, the APC should step up and do better. It is not too late. Fix this before 2019, and I can assure you, the hate you feel from Nigerians will automatically turn into deep love within the twinkle of an eye. IT IS NOT TOO LATE!!!

Thank you

Mr slam kc. esq

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